Thursday, August 30, 2012

WiK 2012

I recently wrote a reminder to myself that said, "It's how many people you help to dance." I meant it metaphorically, of course, since I dance wonderfully only in my dreams. But in that spirit I offer the following information to any wallflower writers/illustrators hovering out there on the fringes of the dance floor.

It's a conference, "Writing and Illustrating for Kids 2012" or  WiK 12 for short, to be held October 19-20, in Birmingham, Alabama. It's sponsored by the Southern Breeze Region of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), the world’s largest organization (22,000 members worldwide) for writers and illustrators of children’s books. But you don't have to be a member to attend the conference.

In fact, my friends and fellow writers in SCBWI say it is the way to get inspired for success, to "meet editors and agents—and the friendliest, most supportive bunch of creative colleagues you could ever hope to find." Two things that make this conference most attractive: its small size and low cost. Space is limited to around 200 participants, and the cost even for non-members is probably less than a first-rate night on the town with dinner and (real) dancing!

I'm very excited that I'll not only get to attend the conference (my first), but also participate in the Friday intensive with Donna Jo Napoli. She's the keynote speaker, a linguist, and author of more than 70 children's books. (Read her interview here: The intensive is a day-long, hands-on workshop to hone craft skills such as point of view and voice.

You might also consider registering for a formal critique. I did--another first--and I nervously anticipate it, especially since the manuscript I'll eventually submit doesn't yet exist.

Advance registration is required and spaces are limited. Tuition is $125 for SCBWI members, $150 for non-members, or $135 for students. Register by Sept. 10 and receive a $5 discount. The Oct. 19 writer’s intensive is $65 and the formal critique is $40.

You can find all the details and/or register for the conference at

You might also want to check out the WIK 12 Blog Tour, where many of the guest speakers have been interviewed. Here's the schedule:

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Aug. 27   Virginia Butler at Bonnie Herold’s blog, Tenacious Teller of Tales
Aug. 28   Jodi Wheeler-Toppen at Diane Sherrouse’s blog, The Reading Road
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Aug. 30   Donna Jo Napoli at Writers and Wannabes


  1. Congratulations on signing up for your first conference. I've never been to one either, and I really am eager to make it happen. You've inspired me to do a little research and find something in my area.
    Hope the experience is all that you expect. . .and more!

    1. Thanks, Ruth. Hope you find a conference nearby. Thanks for checking in with me. I've been absent from blogland for such a long time.

  2. Oh, I'll be at an SCBWI conference that same weekend! Have a great time!