Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Elephant Bites Back!

Here's our first tomato of the 2009 season. Actually, it's the second; the first one we ate immediately. Yum!

Okay, so I've submitted Assignment #1 and I'm waiting to hear from my instructor. In the meantime, I decided to critique my story and see how close my criticism comes to my instructor's.
1. The title really sucks.
2. The protagonist is already too mature and so doesn't grow or change by the end of the story.
3. Structural problems: The set-up scene is too long and I had only two middle scenes instead of three.
4. Protagonist's inner conflict is not developed, only implied.
5. The age target is wrong. Not for ages 13-16, but for the adolescent market, ages 10-14.

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  1. Little late on your blog but, I like what you have to say and good luck. I try to be a writer, have always been very good at it, however, I'm kind of lost at the moment. Praying my writing talents will once again make magic. Anyhoo, again good luck!